Egg products : less labour - increased security - quality guarantee.

Handy Egg : Hard boiled and peeled eggs are your solution for freshly, efficient and tasty garnishing in catering and cuisine. All eggs are of the same size : for the production of boiled eggs, only graded eggs are used with a minimum weight of 55-60gr. The egg-yolk has a deep yellow colour, and is always situated in the middle of the egg; to achieve this, eggs are rolled continuously for a period of two days. Handy-Egg reduces considerably the workload, avoids shellwaste, avoids blue edges, is always available, and fits perfectly in your Haccp-plan.
Available in "sealed" buckets of 10Lit, with 120 pcs, and in smaller buckets of 40 pcs.
Shelf-life : 4 weeks.

Eggproducts Dion : pasteurised egg-yolk, pasteurised whole-egg, pasteurised eggwhite.
  • Pur pac : 6x1 Liter, 9x2 Liter, 5 Liter
  • Bag-in-Box : 10 Liter and 20 Liter
  • Container in stainless steel : 500 Liter
  • Shelf-life : 4 weeks.

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