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For over 80 years our company weekly collects, packages and commercialises fresh eggs of superior quality. During this period huge changes have taken places in the field of agriculture and agro-industry : new productionmethods, new and better packaging, the emergence of ever more performant equipment, powerful logistics. Through all these changes, the basic simplicity of the egg takes every new wave of change in consumer behaviour.
In listening very attentively to all questions and demands of our clientele, our company has started the active promotion of more animal-friendly production methods, resulting in good nourishment an increased and better quality of life for the hens.

The egg : simple and perfect.
What do all these different production methods mean ?
Eggs are graded into 4 categories :

  · 73gr - and heavier Category XL extra large  
  · 63gr - 73gr Category L large  
  · 53gr - 63gr Category M medium  
  · 53gr - 63gr Category S small  

Quality of eggs : the shell looks normal, is clean and undamaged;
the airchamber is not larger than 6mm, and immobile; the white is clear and transparent,
firm and free of alien substances;
The egg yolk is positionned centrally and free of alien substances.
All packs should mention : name and address of the packer, packing registration number,
Class (A), weight, number of eggs, advise "Keep cool" and "best before" date.
Eggs : our tradition
Every week we sell about 2.500.000 eggs. A part is shipped, following marketconditions, to the Netherlands, France or Germany. The local market is supplied with graded eggs according to the customer's wishes. The poultry farms responsible for the supply, are selected on quality and good management and have to apply to a set of fixed rules.
A great distiction exists between different methods of egg-production. All poultry farms are under close supervision of the Belgian ministry of agriculture.
Always look at the indication of the production method on the egg-packs.
Free range eggs : a maximum of 7 hens per m2 have a perch (15cm per hen) at their disposal. One third of the surface is covered with straw. The beak is shortened to avoid aggressive behaviour. Supplementairy light is added. This method is intensive and is demanding on the part of the poultry farmer. Productioncost is higher compared to the more traditional cages. Our eggs are commercialised with brandname "Scharreleitje".
Scharreleitje : eggs laid by free range hens that enjoy a healthy diet that consists of cereals. Our guarantee for a healthy egg and a superior quality-egg. Healthy hens always lay the best eggs. Full of freshness, wonderful quality, with the taste of days gone by.
Enjoy your dinner !
Eko eggs : this method is very intense and demands a total commitment on behalf of the poultry farmer. Eko eggs are laid by free range hens that enjoy a stroll in the open and are fed with a complete ecological nourishment. The beak is not shortened. The poultry farmer always has to assure a calm environment and a feeling of well-being of the hens. The flocks are small so as to be able to enjoy their more spacious surroundings and avoid stress. The cost of this production method is high. Our Eko-eggs are commercialised with brandname "Ekoland".
Ekoland : Ekoland eggs are biologically and ecologically controled, with brandname EKO. The hens are free to rout, eat ecologically cultivated alimentation and can walk in and out in the open air as they please. Their cages are filled with straw and each hen has at least a surface of 2,5m2 in open air.
The Eko-hen is happy, something you can taste.
Cages : eggs are fresh and of good quality. This is an economic productionmethod that delivers clean eggs with very few residues. In a period of 10 years, the EC will gradually change this production method to the more hen-friendly aviary system.
Our eggs are packed according to the customer's wishes in boxes of 360 eggs, 180 eggs, 2x6packs - 10packs - stretchfoil 24packs, etc ...

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