Frozen products
Recent developments in the field of rapid freezing at low temperature have given a wealth of new possibilities to the professional patissier and caterer, to combine new tastes and new materials for the production of surprising new creations. A vast assortment, supported by an advanced and performant logistic, and the guarantee of a continuous coldchain from the producer to the consumer are our convincing arguments for total client satisfaction. For the modern bakery and caterer our products represent a large number of possibilities for variation and widening of their productrange.

Pastridor pastry on basis of butter.
  • Puffpastry with butter
  • Gerezen boterbladerdeeg
  • Viennoiserie and snacks ready
  • Viennoiserie
  • Prebaked bread
  • Baked bread

Frozen fruit different fruits in a variety of forms and preparations.
  • Fruit
  • Fruitpuree
  • Fruitmixes

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