Our specialisation in a large assortment of butterproducts, gives the customer a wide range of possibilities. Underneath you find a small enumeration of our brands.

Butter know-how.
One butter is different from another.
But what are the differences between fresh butter, winterbutter, summerbutter, sweet and lactic butter ? What is the difference in quality, taste and composition ?
A tasty lesson in butter-science !
Good butter requires minimum 82% of milkfat, and a maximum of 16% water. The difference between winterbutter and summerbutter is situated in the standing-places of cows (cowshed or meadows). Summerbutter is produced between may and october. This butter is caracterised by its yellow colour, its soft and fine aromatic taste. Winterbutter is produced between december and april. This butter is firm and hard, more plastic, has a whiter colour and has a little bit less taste. For these qualities winterbutter is often preferred in industrial environments.

Our brands
Irish lactic butter has a savoury perfume, a dry composition, and an unequalled taste. Irish cows enjoy all year round the good green Irish meadows, due to the warming influence of the Gulfstream. They are never fed fortifying alimentation and are not put in cowsheds. The composition of this butter is identical the whole year round. This butter in 25Kg with brandname Irish Lactic Butter and 5Kg blocs with the classic Kerrygold brand is greatly appreciated by patisseries for its taste, and its firm and dry composition.
Bakker's butter is a butterproduct sold at reduced price. This product is commercialied under the conditions of CE 1898/2005. To distinguish this product from a normal butter, a vanilla taste is added, or an orange colour (carotene) is added. This butter can ony be used in the production of patisserie-products enumerated in CE 1898/2005. For this product, we use butter of the same origin the whole year round; this way the composition of this butter is constant during all periods of the year. This product is sold in 10Kg, 10x1Kg and 10x1Kg plates.
Beurre Brillant concentrated butter is also sold under the conditions stipulated in CE 1898/2005. Concentrated butter is produced from cream and is constituted from 99.8% pure milkfat. Beurre Brillant exists in 4 varieties, with a different melting-point : vanilla, carotene, croissant and millefeuille. Packed in 10Kg or plates of 10x1Kg. For the ice-cram industry we provide concentrated butter formula B. This butter is only available for the production of ice-cream. Varieties are formule B vanilla and formule B white neutral - doubly refined. These products are packed in 25Kg.
Beurre Rose of the Luxemburg dairy Luxlait. A butter with a fine taste; the Luxemburg dairy only uses milk originating from luxemburg dairy farms. Marque Rose is available in 25Kg, blocs of 2x5Kg, aluminum 500gr and 250gr consummer packs and aluminum micro 15gr and 10gr.
Laiterie de Montaigu, butter from the famous Charentes-Poitou region in France, in plates of 10x1Kg. This butter is full of taste and enjoys a longstanding reputation of tradition and sustained quality.
Our assortment contains a lot of butterproducts that haven't found a place in this résumé.
If you have any questions of a technical nature ("What kind of butter can I use best for this or that preparation ?") or of a more commercial nature ("What's the price ?"), don't hesitate to contact us. We're always pleased to advise you on the use of this very tasteful basic material in your wonderful savoury creations.

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