Raw materials and products for bakery

Bruggeman - fresh yeast : generation after generation man has baked bread on a basis of natural fermentation processes. Centuries of research have finally culminated in the discovery and development of yeast : the well-known cubes of yeast.
In this tradition Bruggeman has become renowned.

Callebaut chocolat : globally recognised for producing the best quality chocolat couverture. A large assortment with a constant quality and viscosity.
  • chocolat couverture
  • callets
  • imitationchocolat

Sugar and sugarproducts :
  • Cristalline sugar and varieties
  • Fondant, chocofondant
  • Cassonades
  • Glucose

Lucas Meyer - breadimprovers : a traditional taste with prolonged freshness.
  • Lecicroc
  • Lecifresh
  • Lecimalt
  • Lecisoft

Dry fruits
  • Raisins : origin Turkey, Chile, Iran and Australia
  • Almonds and almondproducts
  • Assortment nuts
  • Seeds

  • Carels : Decofix - Jelfix - Confitures - Fruffi
  • Leysen : Fruitfix
  • Gelatine

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